Slice Seeding

Fix your lawn affordably and effectively.

slice seedingThe damage inflicted on turf by drought or insect infestation can be repaired in three different ways:

  1. Replace the damaged areas with sod. This is the most expensive solution and also requires regular watering until the grass takes root.
  2. Cover the bare spots with new loam and then spray hydro-seed, which is a mixture of grass seed and starter fertilizer, on the top. The reason loam must be added is that if we were to simply spread grass seed on top of the damaged areas, the remnants of the old turf would prevent them from coming in contact with the soil, which is required for germination.
  3. The option we prefer is #3: slice seeding. This is the least expensive method of the three. Slice seeding cuts through the old organic matter, enabling the seeds to come in contact with the newly exposed furrows. This one-step process uses a machine with a a series of rotating knife-like blades and a hopper filled with a premium seed blend. As the seeder is passed over the lawn, it cuts slits or furrows into the soil while simultaneously depositing the grass seed. Passes are made in two different directions to ensure good seed to soil contact resulting in better overall germination.

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