Aeration and Overseeding

In order to maintain a healthy lawn, your soil requires water, air, and nutrients. Replenishing your turf by overseeding helps to prevent a gradual decline as your lawn ages.

Core AerationOur lawn care specialists provide a ‘core’ aeration service: a mechanical process that removes 2-4″ plugs of soil and thatch allowing the soil to ‘open’. This process helps reduce compaction, improves water infiltration, improves rooting, and most importantly- reduces thatch. “Thatch” refers to the undecomposed layer of organic between the soil surface and the living grasses. Thatch effectively suffocates the living plants by preventing air, nutrients, and water from reaching the soil. A heavy thatch layer also provides a breeding ground for turf-damaging insects and disease.

Most lawns growing in heavy clay or sandy soils benefit greatly from core aeration. The simple fact is, without proper aeration, a lawn won’t develop to its maximum potential. Therefore, at Lawns of Southern NH, we recommend annual fall core aeration. Coupling aeration with overseeding helps to improve turf density. A thick lawn is the best defense against weeds and unsightly areas.


  • Improves water penetration
  • Improves rooting
  • Reduces thatch
  • Results in improved health and vigor of your lawn

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