Residential Lawn Care: The 6-Step Program

In New England, our lawns face many challenges:

  • Intense heat of the summer sun
  • Winter wind chill on bare lawns
  • Alternating droughts and floods (and mud season!)
  • And the fact that, as the old saying goes, “if you don’t like the weather, wait an hour!”

To keep your lawn healthy, you need to pay close attention to it, and stay ahead of weeds and insects!

Our lawn care program combines specific fertilization and preventative lawn care treatments. Our slow-release fertilizers provide essential growth-promoting nutrients, allowing your lawn to out-compete weeds.

Our 6-Step Lawn Care Program below includes the following seasonal applications which, when complemented by our best practices, will yield the perfect lawn.

Spring Lawn Application (April through mid-May)

  • Balanced slow release fertilizer
  • Preventative crabgrass and broadleaf weed control

Early Summer Lawn Application (Mid-May through June)

  • Balanced slow release fertilizer
  • Broadleaf weed prevention
  • Nutsedge inhibitor
  • Post-emergent crabgrass control

Grub Control (Mid-May through June)

  • Targets egg laying stage of Japanese Beetle, European Chafer and Oriental Beetle
  • Acelepryn® insecticide is our go-to because it has no known adverse effects on beneficial and non-target organisms including earthworms and honey bees
  • If a new customer experiences an infestation already in process, we will work to stop the infestation

Summer Lawn Application (July through mid-August)

  • Granular slow release fertilizer that will feed your lawn during the hottest part of the summer
  • Post-emergent application for both crabgrass and broadleaf weed control
  • Surface insect control for chinch bugs and other surface-feeding insects

Fall Lawn Application (Mid-August through September)

  • Cooler fall weather is the best time to fertilize your business or home lawn
  • Granular slow release fertilizer that helps to promote recovery from summer drought stress and insect infestations

Winterizer Application (October through November)

  • Winterizer application that promotes the root growth and food storage that is vital to your lawn’s winter survival
  • Granular application that naturally feeds grass plants through their root systems, applied during the months of October and November
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