Season-Long Control of Grubs and Caterpillars

Many of our customers have asked what we used to control grubs and caterpillars. We applaud your commitment to the environment along with your desire to keep your lawn flourishing.

We use a product called Acelepryn (Chlorantriliprole). Acelepryn is classified by the EPA as a reduced risk pesticide with a very low level of toxicity, so much so that a signal word is not required on the label, not even the signal word “CAUTION.”


  • Season long control of every turf damaging white grub species.
  • Season long control of caterpillars (sod webworm, army worms and cut worms)
  • Excellent bill bug and annual bluegrass weevil control.
  • No known adverse effects to honey bees or earthworms.
  • Low level of toxicity
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